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At the Law Office of John K. Turner based in Lakewood Ranch, we are proud to provide Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and surrounding communities with our bankruptcy and immigration law services. Our firm has experience dealing with the complicated paperwork, rules and regulations, and terminology that comes with being a Lakewood Ranch, Florida bankruptcy and immigration lawyer. We evaluate each client’s unique situation closely to determine which of our services will best meet their needs and the needs of their family.

Facing a bankruptcy or a tough immigration situation can often cause people to lose faith. While these situations can be difficult, you can increase your chances for a positive outcome by partnering with a Florida immigration and bankruptcy attorney who not only understands the law, but genuinely cares about the lives of their clients. John Turner is proud to help those in need with his knowledge as a skilled bankruptcy and immigration lawyer in Lakewood Ranch.

Our law services include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Stop Repossessions
  • Student Loans
  • Commercial Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11
  • Immigration
  • Family Immigration
  • Deportation Proceedings
  • Asylum
  • Waivers and Appeals
  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Work Visas

If you are facing any of these situations, just know that you are not alone! We advocate for each and every one of our clients by assisting with paperwork, representing them in court, and offering free case evaluations to determine the ideal course of action for each client’s unique circumstances. To work with an experienced and compassionate bankruptcy and immigration.

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4 Main Reasons to File for Bankruptcy
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